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Who we are

Access is everything! Imagine a world where there is abundance, one where businesses thrive, and dreams are not limited due to factors such as; lack of funds, little or no entrepreneur-focused communities, zero access to mentors, and poor knowledge of the market.

Even better, imagine where this world is the reality of Africa. One where Africa can be a birthing ground for businesses, where founders can see their ideas come to life, and their dreams not threatened.

We’ve seen this need and have decided to step in to serve as the birthing ground for businesses and founders in Africa. At Bezi, we want to be the fertile ground that helps businesses thrive, entrepreneurs flourish, and founders to dream and create.

To make this a possibility, we seek out focus-driven founders who need access to learning, growth and networking resources and provide them with a dedicated platform with all the resources they need. We also give them access to a wide range of opportunities such as; teachings, mentorship from established global founders, access to practical resources, and an engaging community where they can grow.

Our aim is to become the one-stop shop where potential entrepreneurs look to for mentorship, funds and resources needed to create and build companies that stand the test of time.


To impact the African ecosystem, empowering one entrepreneur at a time, helping them to achieve their goals, and to build thriving businesses that contribute to the economic development of Africa.

What differentiates Bezi

Bezi differentiates itself from other traditional accelerator platforms by centralizing the core needs of Founders:

  1. 1. Product-focused learning resources with a focus on practical application rather than lecture-style content.
  2. 2. Exclusive access to mentorships and a peer-2-peer driven community.
  3. Access to global investors with actionable fundraising plans.
  4. 3. Access to a top-tier talent marketplace.
  5. 4. Exclusive networking opportunities with globally established founders and entrepreneurs.
  6. 5. Access to the exclusive Pan-African Bezi community forum with representation from over 20 countries on the continent to interact and connect with.
  7. 6. Customized support for business needs with heavy emphasis on handling regulatory and compliance as you scale.

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