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BF1 Startups

ScholarshipIQ is a brand aimed at giving African students access to international higher education opportunities through an end-to-end AI powered platform.

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Credify is an Open API and SDK allowing lending and BNPL partners to enrich and automate their credit scoring using alternative data sources and their customers' digital footprint.

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OneHealth is an online Pharmacy and healthcare platform providing access to medicines and healthcare solutions for individuals and healthcare providers.

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Lifestores Healthcare is a brand using technology to democratize access to quality and affordable primary healthcare in Africa.

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Vanoma is a technology company aiming to revolutionize how physical stores create their online stores by providing merchants with unique product imagery and descriptions.

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Africa Goodnest is an e-commerce and logistics platform helping transform the way you find and buy value-added, export-ready, agricultural brands from Africa.

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Zindi connects organisations with a community of African data scientists.

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Zuri Health is an offline and online telemedicine platform that offers teleconsultations, appointment booking, at- home lab and diagnostic services (including COVID-19 testing), and a service to locate pharmacies and order medicine on its platform (OTC and prescription).

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A fintech platform providing savings solutions for the unbanked and nonsmart phone users in Africa.

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A fintech brand that provides cloud lending software that helps financial institutions to offer loans and buy now pay later services securely.

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