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BF1 Founders

These Pan-African talented individuals come from diverse backgrounds, operate in different industries, and are on track to building world-class businesses in Africa.

Supports over 50+ founders


Founder of Africa Goodnest, an e-commerce and logistics platform helping transform the way you find and buy value-added, export-ready, agricultural brands from Africa.

Bernice Yalley

Founder at Africa Goodnest


Founder of BonaInvest, a fintech platform that empowers digital native millennials and Gen Zs across Africa to invest and exponentially accumulate and grow their wealth.

Hossam Hamdy

Co-Founder at BonaInvest


Founder of Koyo nation, a marketplace that connects food suppliers and manufacturers to wholesale buyers.

Olamide Adeosun

Founder at Koyo

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